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The Top 16 Retail Discounts for First Responders

December 12, 2019

The Top 16 Retail Discounts for First Responders

First Responders are the truly inspiring heroes who respond immediately to emergency calls and arrive at the scene instantly for help. Their timely professional assistance makes them life-savers and our society would be in much trouble if there were no firefighters, military personnel, EMTs, rescuers and police officers. We owe them all and can never pay back for their selfless services. Their unmatched passion and dedication make them worthy of our respect, appreciation, love, and honor. First Responder Discounts recognizes their efforts and appreciates them for their incredible support and fearless services by making exclusive discounts available to them.

Along with many known vendors and brands whose offers you will found on our website, here are some of the top Retail discounts, exclusively for First Responders.

1. AC Lens

AC Lens, a columbus-based company regards the dedicated services of First Responders and proudly presents exclusive 15% discount on entire stock of eyewear, eye care products, lenses and glasses.

2. AFEyewear

AFEyewear honors the selfless services of our national heroes and offers upto 50% discount on their entire range of eyewear.

3. Apple.com

Apple also stands with First Responders and appreciates them for what they do by offering exclusive low pricing on select range of products.

4. Audiobooks.com

Audiobooks.com acknowledges the unmatched passion and dedication of First Responders and offers them free audiobooks..

5. Black Helmet Apparel

Although, the company doesn’t offer career-specific concessions and special pricing but as it was established by a firefighter, the company does donate some percentage of their sales to firemen-related causes.

6. CARiD

CARiD honors firefighters, policemen, Rescue personnel and EMTs for their heroic services. All First Responders can get special 10% discount on the automobile replacement parts and car accessories.

7. Columbia

Columbia rewards the community heroes for their commitment, audacity and fearlessness by offering special 15% off accessories and apparel.

8. Coolframes.com

Coolframes.com proudly stands for our national heroes including police officers, EMTs and firefighters. All First Responders can enjoy a 5% discount on their whole range of sunglasses, contact lenses and prescription glasses.

9. Fanatics

Fanatics rewards First Responders for their unmatched passion, enthusiasm and dedication. These heroes like firemen, 911 dispatchers, correctional officers and EMTs can get exclusive 15% off sports gear, sports apparel and merchandise.

10. GelPro

GelPro admires the selflessness and bravery of policemen, firefighters and EMTs and appreciates them by presenting special 25% off all their comfort floor mats.

11. Global Rings
Global Rings encourages firefighters for their fearlessness and self-sacrifice. They are presenting special discounts to firemen and their families on all their purchases.

12. Glock

Glock acknowledges the dedicated efforts and unwavering support of first responders. All the active and retired EMTs, firefighters and police officers can enjoy special discounts on the entire range.

13. Ironman Store

Ironman Store encourages our national heroes like firefighters, EMTs and police officers for their passion and courage. They are offering special 10% discount on their entire strock.

14. Jockey

Jockey supports active and retired firemen, police officers and emergency medical technicians for what they do. They are offering special 10% discount on their entire stock of activewear, underwear and sleepwear.

15. JR Cigar

JR Cigar proudly honors First Responders for their self-sacrifice and incredible bravery. All community heroes can enjoy special discounts on their purchase here.

16. Leatherman

Leatherman recognizes the efforts and commendable services of First Responders like firemen and law officers, and thanks them by offering exclusive discounts on their complete range of products.



It takes a lot to be a First Responder. These national heroes compromise their own safety and run towards danger to help us stay safe. They deserve to be appreciated. In order to honor their selflessness and bravery, we, at First Responder Discounts are proudly presenting exciting offers and discounts. Sign up with us today and share our platform with fellow First Responders so that they can also enjoy unlimited discounts from different vendors. 


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