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How We Support First Responders and Local Vendors

Oct 14, 2020 12:00 AM

How First Responder Discounts Supports First Responders and Local Vendors

Imagine being the first one arriving at a crime scene, a burning building or a roadside accident. How terrible it would feel to be surrounded by blood and screams. Then having to keep your wits to help the survivors. 

Being a First Responder is not easy at all. It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and patience to serve humanity as a real-life hero. Firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and EMTs are the pillars of society who maintain a foundation of protection and public safety. Without them, there would be chaos, high crime rates, and more fatalities from medical emergencies. Simply put, they are the backbone of our community and each of them deserves respect for the sacrifices they make, recognition for their unmatched bravery, and appreciation to boost up their morale.

Why We Help First Responders

Risking one’s own life to help others is difficult and not everyone has that courage. The fact that our heroes put their lives on the line during their job, work under pressure, use quick assessment skills make them worthy of our support and appreciation.

They do so much for us and this time, we have decided to step up and ‘GIVE BACK TO THOSE WHO GIVE US SO MUCH’.

We at First Responder Discounts acknowledge the sheer dedication, passion, and committed services of these national heroes. In an attempt to thank them for their unwavering service, we have gathered together several vendors eager to provide you with discounts and deals on goods and services.

Who Do We Serve

We have designed this platform to BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN FIRST RESPONDERS AND VENDORS. Our goals are to serve both parties in two different, yet symbiotic ways. 

1. Ensuring First Responders receive the best discount offers out there.

2. Giving Local Vendors top-notch marketing services for free.

However, beyond that commonality, our motivations and intentions between how and why we help are different. Below are some of our reasons for helping both First Responders and Vendors.

How We Help First Responders

Many First Responders don’t get paid well, which doesn’t allow them to enjoy the luxuries of life. They spend all their time and energy to serve us and we feel it’s important to help them overcome some of the financial hardships that life can present. On our platform, the following professionals will find special discounted offers.

1. Firefighters

2. Police Officers

3. EMTs

4. Military Personnel

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What We Offer

We have brought a one-stop-solution for First Responders with the best discounted deals provided by vendors all over the United States. Whether you are an EMT or a firefighter, you will find several discounted offers presented by different vendors on our site.

Exclusive Discount Offers 

All First Responders, no matter what their age, nationality, or gender will find exciting offers here. The best part is, they won’t have to search for different websites and waste time in finding discounts. Simply visit First Responder Discounts and explore the wide-range of offers provided by different reputed brands, all in one place.

What Makes Us Better

With the increasing awareness of sacrifices made by these dedicated heroes and rising competition amongst businesses, almost every brand is presenting discounts to First Responders. As the tight scheduling and challenging duties don’t always allow First Responders to spend their time finding discounts, our platform enables them to find the most exciting offers from different companies.

> Free Sign Up

We aspire to help our life-savers as much as we can. As such, we will never charge them a fee for our services when they sign up with us. 

> Unlimited Offers

All First Responders who sign up will get instant access to offers page where numerous marvelous discounts can be found. They can use as many of them as they want. The page and discounts are updated regularly, with new brands and vendors joining every day. 

> Discounts from Your Favorite Brands

We want to provide all our First Responders with a hassle-free experience. If none of the offers presented on the platform interests our inspiring heroes, they can also suggest vendors of their choice. They just have to name the vendors they want to receive discounts from and we will bring them onboard, exclusively for them.

Final Thoughts for Our First Responders

You deserve to be appreciated, and it is our goal to remind you of that. We salute your tenacity and strive to help you in every way possible. Bringing you great deals and discounts, we work hard to stand up for the heroes putting everything on the line everyday for our well-being.  

In addition to supporting First Responders, we like to believe our services also help the Vendors signing up with us. Here are just a few ways we perform in order to support the vendors willing to support our First Responders. 

How We Help Vendors

Growing competition in every field has made it crucial for businesses to improve their public image. No matter what business you’re in, if you want to make your mark, it is essentially important for you to build a good public image. A positive brand profile with a strong online presence is necessary to separate yourself from the competition. We know of no better way to improve your credibility than standing up for the most underserved in your community and are happy to give you the opportunity to do so through First Responder Discounts. Every business can offer exclusive discounts to any and all of our First Responders. You can create local and national offers and list as many offers as you want, absolutely free.

In return for the customer base our heroes represent, we provide our vendors with numerous benefits that will help to acquire business goals.

What We Offer

By listing your offers with us, we will provide you with a number of opportunities to market your products, seen below. 

> Brand Promotion

Sales promotions have always been an incredible way to spread brand awareness and increase sales. Free listing of offers on our platform will enhance your brand image By signing up with us, we will design creative and result-driven promotional campaigns for every brand that list offers through us. 

> Increase Traffic

All vendors who want to improve their online presence and become a preferred choice for their core audience should list their offers with us. We will market the products and services of all our vendors, for free. As a result, they will experience an instant boost in website traffic. 

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> Effective Advertisement

Online advertisement is a powerful tool to get increased traffic and improve your digital footprint. By offering discounts through our platform, vendors will get the professional help of marketing experts, free of cost. Tailored advertisements, exclusively designed per the vendor’s objectives, will leave a positive impact on business growth.

> Skyrocket Your Sales

Meeting sales target is one of the hardest things to do in any business. For both established and new businesses, out-of-the-box ideas are needed to entice your customers to make a purchase. With First Responder Discounts, companies won’t have to worry about sales anymore: We will market the brands for free, multiplying their revenue in a short time. 

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First Responder Discounts is aspiring to bring vendors and First Responders under one roof, providing both parties with plenty of benefits at absolutely no cost. All you need to do is sign up as a vendor or First Responders to start enjoying these perks. 

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